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Do Massage Chairs Use a Lot of Electricity?

December 1, 2015 at 3:10 pm

In this day and age, you have to work constantly in order to make a name for yourself, so things can get extremely tiring. Being out and about all day at your job, driving back from work or taking the subway, walking around from point to point, everything a person does in a day comes back to make their bodies sore and their muscle hurt at night.

So what would be better than coming home to a nice and comfy massage chair that can rejuvenate your body and mind in a matter of minutes? All you have to do is sit back and relax, and the chair does all the work for you.

How Do Massage Chairs Work?

Massage chairs have different types, all working in different ways. However, the most commonly found ones are those that work mechanically. These employ the use of a series of vibrators and rollers that are moved electrically inside the chair to give you the sensation of receiving a massage.

There are also water and air based massage chairs. Water based massage chairs have nozzles in them that pump water at different pressures against the waterproof back of the chair. The water is also pumped through electricity, and the intensity of the water pressure at your back can be controlled.

Air based massage chairs use a set of cushions or airbags that squeeze larger muscles, like those of the arms and legs, and release them. This helps relieve tension in the muscles, and is very relaxing. The compression is done through a compressor, which also needs energy to run.

So What about the Cost?

With all that technology working to keep your body relaxed, there are bound to be costs. But while the massage chairs themselves can cost a fortune depending on what brand and which features you are getting, the electric use of these devices is quite minimal.

The reason for this is that the techniques used to produce the massage are fairly simple ones. In a mechanical chair, for example, the same technique is used to create vibration as in a cell phone. The scale gets much larger, of course, but the solution is very similar.

Similarly, in water and air based massage chairs, the only thing that requires electricity is the water pump and the air compressor, respectively. All the rest of the movement is being generated by smartly distributing the water or air through the internals.

So if you really want to buy a massage chair but are afraid it’s going to eat up your electricity, don’t worry. We can assure you that compared to what you would pay for a well-made and comfortable massage chair, the electric use will be minimal.

Sharing Internet on Mac OS

November 27, 2015 at 5:44 am

In today’s modern world, it really seems like you need the internet to do just about everything productive. Whether it’s working online with your business team, checking email, or updating your website, everything is dependent on the internet.

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However, it is not easy for everyone to gain access to wireless internet. Many desktops don’t have built-in Wi-Fi cards and you have to get external ones to get internet for your PC. Many people simply don’t have access to a Wi-Fi router that lets them get internet to their PC or laptop.

An Introduction to Web Sharing

Luckily, the second problem is fixable quite easily, by turning a secondary laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot. This is done by connecting your transmitting laptop to the internet and then having your laptop’s wireless card transmit internal signals to nearby devices.
This process is known as web sharing or internet sharing, and this guide will help you turn your Mac OS device into a Wi-Fi access point for other devices.

Using your Mac as a Router

The first way to do this is to turn your Mac into a router. This process is a little tedious and causes significant drops in battery life.

  • Launch System Preferences, and navigate your way into the Sharing tab. Here, select Internet Sharing from the left pane.
  • Here you will see the words ‘Share your connection from’ beside a drop-down menu. Click the menu, and select Ethernet from the options.
  • Check the box next to Wi-Fi, and then click on W-Fi Options to set up your wireless channel and password.
  • After everything is set up, check the box titled Internet Sharing to start broadcasting the signal to nearby devices.

Sharing your Mac’s Internet to a Wired Device

This is a considerably easier way of sharing internet between two devices. This comes in handy when your PC doesn’t have a Wi-Fi card and you need to use internet through the Ethernet port. After you’ve connected your PC or laptop with the Mac, from where the internet will be shared, you simply need to follow these steps:

  • Open System Preferences and navigate to the Sharing tab.
  • From the left pane, click on Internet Sharing.
  • You will the see the words ‘Share your internet connection from’ next to a drop-down menu. Click on this menu and select Wi-Fi.
  • You will see a list with the words ‘To computers using’ next to it. Here, select Ethernet to choose the PC that you’ve connected via the Ethernet port to your Mac.
  • Now simply check the Internet Sharing box to connect your computer to the internet.

So if you have an old computer rotting away in some closet and can’t use it because it doesn’t have a Wi-Fi card, or if your productivity is getting hindered due to the lack of a router, these are some considerably easy ways that can really help you out.

Chitika WordPress Plugin – What does it do?

November 26, 2015 at 3:51 pm

Chitika is an advertising company based in Massachusetts, United States that has been in operation since 2003. It focuses on search-targeted advertising and is the brainchild of 2 former Lycos employees. The company has grown steadily since its inception and now has real time bidding and mobile ad divisions. They also released their own mobile ad platform named Cidewalk this 2015.

Chitika is very popular especially with its partnership to Yahoo. Last 2010, Yahoo closed down its Yahoo Publisher Network Online which was brought up to be Google Adsense’s competitor. They advised their publishers to use Chitika instead. 2 years ago, they enhanced their bond by extending their partnership with Yahoo for several years.

wp plugins

If you are a publisher, you are probably aware of the different ways to incorporate ads on your websites. You can grab codes from the advertising company and customize the layout on your site. You can also select from numerous pre-defined templates that the company offers. For WordPress blogs, Chitika offers a rather quick way to incorporate ads and that is via their Chitika WordPress Plugin.

The Chitika WordPress plugin is an excellent monetization tool that allows you to quickly insert Chitika ads onto any WordPress installation. After installing, you merely link it to your Chitika account and you’re all set. You can choose whether ads appear on top, below, both on top and below or between the first and second paragraph. Also, you can customize the ad size as well as the colours and size of the text on the ads.

There is also a nifty feature wherein you can use WP shortcode to disable the ads on a specific post. Doing so helps keep special content ad-free and enables your audience to focus on the content. WordPress in an excellent platform to publish content on and with the Chitika WP plugin, monetization has never been easier.

What Sets Western Cartoons and Anime Apart?

November 25, 2015 at 4:06 pm

Animations are a very popular genre of movies and television. They are loved by children and adults alike, depending on what kind of animation is in question.

When talking about Western animation, we take mostly American cartoons into account because they are more global, and also because a lot of people today have grown up watching American animations. On the other spectrum of the animation world is Japanese Anime. Both American cartoon and Japanese Anime are huge in their own regards, but in many ways they are completely different from each other.

Children Cartoons vs. Adult Animations

The first, and most obvious, reason for this difference is that Western cartoons are mostly aimed at children. Most of the famous titles such as ‘Looney Toons’, ‘Tom & Jerry’, and even newer ones like ‘Ben 10’ and ‘SpongeBob Square Pants’ are all aimed at young children. The only cartoons that are aimed at older people are those that talk about issues that are considered ‘taboo’ for young children. These titles include ‘Family Guy’, ‘The Simpsons’, and more. These cartoons are mostly comedic in nature, and talk about political and social issues. In other words, there is a distinct difference in the kind of cartoons based on which age group they are aimed at.

In anime, however, this is not the case. The Japanese are more liberal about issues like sexuality and death, and this shows in their anime. A lot more variety can be found in Japanese anime, as these shows boast multiple genres ranging from serious to comedic, investigative to horror. The demographic for Japanese anime isn’t limited, as these shows are viewed by young and old alike.

Character and Story Development

Because most Western cartoons are aimed at children, they have a more episodic nature to them. This means that most of these cartoons don’t have a storyline that is followed, and you can watch any episode from any season without needing to know what happened before.

On the other hand, most Japanese anime, even that which is aimed at children, has a proper storyline that is followed. The characters develop over time, and feel more ‘human’ than they do in Western cartoons. Interestingly, some Western cartoons that do follow a storyline like ‘Avatar – The Last Airbender’ are inspired from Japanese anime.

Variation in Subject Lines

In Western cartoons, issues like death are not talked about. Children cartoons don’t have characters that die at any point, because it is thought that this is not healthy for children to see. Japanese anime is much more liberal and open-minded about this and teach children whatever lessons life has to teach.

Both types of animations have their own merits. If you watch animations simply to have a laugh or two, then Western cartoons are for you, but if you like your animations to have a story and don’t mind serious, and often dark, plot twists, then you’ll love Japanese anime.

The Various Ups and Downs of Using Twitter

November 24, 2015 at 3:30 pm

Social media is everywhere these days, there’s no denying that. Almost everyone with an internet connection is a part of social media in one way or the other. There are new social platforms making their way to the online world every day, and people are jumping on every new platform to be ‘connected’.

Twitter – Always and Forever?

But no matter how many new platforms come up, Twitter is one of those social networks that have been around for years, and show no signs of ceasing to exist. This is a place where anyone can say anything to anyone, or follow others and stay up to date about what they are doing in their lives.
Too much Twitter, however, can be bad for you. Let’s take a look at some of the ways Twitter can help you, and the ways it can cause you harm.

The Good Side of Twitter:

Twitter is by far one of the most accessed social networks, which makes it a great way to access news and share your own ideas with others. A lot of people get their daily dose of current events through Twitter.

Because of the sheer number of people on Twitter, it is a great way to market yourself or a brand of yours. You can tell people in the millions of a new business you have started or a service you provide.
Apart from promoting oneself, Twitter allows you to promote other brands that you like. If you say something nice about someone else, they might return you the favor. It’s a win-win situation.
Twitter can be used to run campaigns and find out where the opinion of the global community stands on a matter. This can help authorities make serious decisions based on the preferences of the people.

The Dark Side of Twitter:

Twitter is one of those social networks that one can spend hours on without even realizing it. This reduces productivity and encourages people to waste time. This is especially problematic if you’re working in an office and your employer keeps tabs on you.

A very common problem that arises with using Twitter too much is that you sometimes say things without giving them proper thought. This becomes an issue because everyone can see what you’re saying. Many employers screen out potential employees based on their Twitter records.

Because Twitter lets you say whatever you want, it can be tempting to start bashing on others that you don’t like. A lot of celebrity wars have made their way to Twitter because of this. This behavior just brings the negative publicity that no one wants.

So while Twitter is a great way to reach out to people and potential clients, it can also be very bad for you if you’re not careful of your actions. The next time you tweet something, just be sure that it’s something you won’t regret a year later.

Switching To Mac Useful Sites and Articles

November 20, 2015 at 6:20 pm

Planning on making the switch to Mac? There are tons of reasons why anyone might decide to make the move. Here are some of them.

Great User Experience

Arguably, user experience is one of the biggest downfalls of Windows. The ease of use and accessibility of commands is a very important factor especially when it comes to productivity using computers. OS X EL Capitan, for example, offers a sleek, refined and stable interface that is pleasing to look at.

Windows, on the other hand, struggled with its original Windows 8 release. It did release 8.1 to compensate and rushed the release of Windows 10 which has received good reviews, however, they still have a ways to go before reaching the simple and user-friendly design of OS X.

switching to mac

Pre-loaded Software

Windows desktops and laptops are notorious for coming preloaded with Bloatware. Although this is mostly the fault of distributors, Windows is also partly at fault because clean installs don’t come with the basic features such as productivity tools (MS Office) and good image editing tools (Paint is pretty basic). Macs, on the other hand, come preloaded with iWork, iLife and a default email client.


Because Apple controls its software, the OS is sure to be fully compatible with both hardware and software for the Mac. Likewise, OS X also offers fluid compatibility with other Apple devices making it easy to transfer, sync and screencast files.

Support for Tech Issues

Support for Microsoft is not great. After all, you will need to deal with the supplier first (Dell, Lenovo, MSI, ASUS, etc) whereas with Macs, you go straight to Apple.

If you are having difficulties making the change, don’t fret. There are tons of tutorial sites online that can help. Here are some useful sites to help you in your journey.

  • Finding Windows features on OS X – this article on Macworld helps the typical Windows user familiarize themselves with the OS X way of doing common Windows tasks.
  • Mac keyboard shortcuts – the official Apple site also helps Windows users familiarize themselves with the Mac alternatives to common shortcuts they’ve already grown accustomed to.
  • Mac Tips and Tricks – another useful resource is this article from Infinum which covers file navigation, screenshots and other common commands.

Flash Based Website – Good and Bad

November 17, 2015 at 4:26 pm

Why You Should, or Shouldn’t, Create a Flash-Based Website

Creating a website, whether it is for your personal work to be displayed or to represent a whole company, is fairly easy these days thanks to the various web hosting platforms available. These provide you with themes and layouts that you can choose from and have a working website in very little time.

However, if you want to add some extra personality to your website and make it more eye-catching, the seemingly obvious tool to use is Adobe Flash. Flash-based websites have animations, and flashes of colors and movement that others just don’t come close to.

However, just like every software tool, Flash has its own pros and cons that one needs to know of before relying on it.


Why You Should Consider Flash

• It is Independent of OS and Browser:
Websites built on Flash are supported by most of the browsers available. With Flash, you can also be sure that no matter what browser your audience uses or which OS they have, your site will show up as you have designed it if only they have Flash installed.

• Animations and Video Work Well:
As mentioned earlier, Flash is a tool that allows you to create animations on your website. It makes your page appear ‘flashy’ and attractive. Other than animations, videos work very well on Flash websites as these don’t need any OS-dependent plugins to work.

• You Can Use Any Font You Want:
Web browsers normally don’t support a whole lot of fonts, especially ones that aren’t commonly used on websites. So if you want to use a special font on your page, Flash is the way to go.

Why You Should Steer Clear of Flash

• Slow to Load:
Flash websites require the designers to work very hard in order to be optimized for various hardware configurations. If this is not taken care of, your site will be slow and clunky to use, especially for someone using slower hardware.

• Some Decline in Usability:
Hitting the back button on a web browser usually takes you back one page, but on a Flash website it will take you back to the page you were on before coming to the Flash website. This means that your users will have to delve deep into your website, without any option to go back a step unless they come back from the very start.

• Problems with Ranking Higher:
A major concern with using Flash is the fact that Google and other search engines can’t read Flash content very well. This is because they are unable to parse images, which is what drives most of the content on a Flash website. This leads to difficulties with optimizing your website to rank higher in search results using keywords.

So if you have been wondering whether to create a Flash-based website or not, the recommendation is to use Flash only where necessary as the drawbacks that come with its use will cause long-term harm to your website.

WordPress Released

November 16, 2015 at 3:36 pm

Starting a Website? This is Why You Should Use WordPress

Anyone, and everyone, who wants to build a global brand these days knows that they need to have an online presence to really kick things off. In a world that is almost completely taken over with the power of the internet, one can’t really hope to reach millions of people without its help.

If you’re one of the people who are looking into creating their own online presence, you may already have heard of WordPress. Simply put, WordPress is a platform that helps you publish websites and blogs. Many big names such as CNN and New York Times use WordPress, which is a testament to its popularity and reliability.

In case you’re still not convinced that WordPress is the platform to turn to when in need of building a new website, here are some reasons that might sway you towards using it.

A Very Popular and Multi-Faceted Platform

WordPress started as a blogging platform that was popular for what limited functionality it provided. However, over the period of time it has evolved into a much more versatile Content Management System. WordPress 2.0 was one of the first major updates to the platform, which added a ton of customizability and changed thousands of lines of the original code.

WordPress now allows you to create websites of all sorts, ranging from business websites to those featuring classifieds. And of course, it is still an excellent blogging platform as well.

Community-Based Growth and SEO Friendly

One of the things that make WordPress so popular is the fact that it is open source. This means that the WordPress’ source code is accessible by the public. WordPress 2.0 also enhanced the developer side of things to a great extent. It made easier for people to develop applications to be built on top of WordPress. This flexibility that WordPress 2.0 brought with it is something that simply can’t be matched.

As you may already know, Search Engine Optimization is what makes your website pop up in search results, based on how well it is ranked among the million other pages similar to yours. Thanks to the well-written code it uses, WordPress is loved by Google and other search engines that rank websites based on SEO, making it the ideal choice for your new website.

Cheap and Easiest to Use

While you can always have a custom CMS created for your online endeavors, why do it when you can do the same thing on WordPress? The basic version of the platform is actually free and is the first step towards creating your online presence. You can simply go ahead and create an account with WordPress, pay nothing, and be on your way of setting up a fully functional website that you can then enhance to a business level for not a lot of money.

But probably the number one thing that will attract you to use WordPress, especially if you’re new to this stuff, is the ease of use it provides. You do not have to know anything about coding or HTML to use WordPress. All you need is a basic understanding of software like Microsoft Word, and you will be able to easily update your website and add content to it. WordPress also makes it very straightforward to manage your website by organizing everything in a logical and easily understandable way.

So there you have it. The reasons to use WordPress as the publishing platform for your new website are too many to ignore. The ease of use, flexibility, cost effectiveness, and community-based development are some of the top reasons that make it the CMS of choice for a plethora of people around the world. It offers free as well as cheap premium themes that one can use to instantly create a working website, with no need for any sort of coding. So if you’re looking to build your brand’s presence online and want to create a website to do so, WordPress is easily the recommended CMS to get you started.

Laptop Posture – How It Can Affect You

November 2, 2015 at 5:05 pm

Laptops are very useful devices. Since their inception, their functionality has increased exponentially. One can use it to browse the internet, do office work, watch videos and even play games as is the case with ultrabooks and gaming laptops. Nowadays, their use has also grown from personal to commercial, education and even military applications.

With the proliferation of social networking, playing games online and working more hours, people are using laptops for longer periods of time too. Some of these include skin problems and insomnia.
Just like paddling a kayak all day can give back problems (yak back), incorrect or overuse of laptops have brought about a surge in the number of health-related issues brought about by laptop use. A majority these are related to posture problems and body pain from incorrect and/or overuse of laptops.

Laptop Posture

Improper Laptop Use

For all the benefits they offer, there are sadly some downsides to laptops especially if the user isn’t aware. First, one shouldn’t use the laptop exclusively without flinching. Regular breaks are advised and these should be spaced by around 30 minutes. This is important especially if you assume a lying, sitting or irregular position while using the laptop. During your quick break, be sure to stretch your legs, back and waist.

Wrist Pain

Another issue brought about by prolonged use of laptops is wrist pain. Due to the compact nature of the laptop, you wrists don’t have enough leeway to stay parallel to the floor. This means that they are usually in a curled position so you can maintain your fingers’ placement on the keyboard. In order to avoid this, consider using a separate keyboard, mouse and screen display. All these, except for the screen display, can work wirelessly. By doing so, you are at least given some room to move your hands and are not constrained to the laptop environment.

Too Much Use!

Lastly, lengthened laptop use can also lead to neck strain. This can be brought about by craning the neck too close to the screen. This can usually be resolved by getting a larger external display or by increasing the font size on the operating system. Otherwise, just be sure your neck is aligned with your shoulders.

How Do Wireless Keyboards Work?

October 31, 2015 at 3:22 am

Wireless keyboards are keyboards that can be used over a wireless medium. Traditional wired keyboards used to rely on wired interfaces such as PS2 and USB. Nowadays, the flourishing or ergonomic and portable devices have made wireless devices much more beneficial.


How Do Wireless Keyboards Work?

Wired keyboards relied on the wire between them and the computer for power and signal transmission purposes. Now, without the wire, where does it get its power? The answer is from batteries. There are keyboards that can run on detachable batteries and there are some with internally fixed ones. These internally fixed batteries can usually be recharged by using a cable or via solar power. Those that are detachable would rely on disposable or rechargeable batteries.

As for the signal transmission, wireless keyboards have 3 general classifications namely infrared, Bluetooth and RF. Infrared keyboards project keyboard images on the surface and detect your keystroke based on where your fingers intercept the light. Similarly, there is also a different kind of infrared keyboard wherein there is a physical keyboard and the signal is simply sent using infrared laser technology.

RF keyboards, on the other hand, utilize wireless signals in the 2.4 Ghz frequency band to interact. When you press keys on the keyboard, the built-in transmitter sends the signal onto that frequency range towards a receiver on the computer. Bluetooth keyboards work similarly to RF ones. It also uses wireless signals and follows the Bluetooth protocol for personal area networks. Bluetooth keyboards are much more common because laptops, tablets, smartphones and even some desktops nowadays have a built-in Bluetooth module.

wireless keyboard

Benefits of Wireless Keyboards

• Ease of use – wireless keyboards are easier to setup and take down.
Portable – wireless keyboards are designed to be as light and compact as possible
• Clutter-free – no need to worry about tangled wires and the need for cable ties